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Christina - Social Media Strategist - Polaroid
Hey you!

It’s lovely to see you here! That means that you know that Social Media Marketing is incredibly powerful and that you should be implementing it in your Marketing strategy.

The thing is: the world is full of awesome businesses. Unfortunately, not all of them get the Social Media exposure that they could get.

I want to change that!

Your passion is your product, my passion is making sure it gets the exposure it deserves on Social Media!

Let’s clear up all the confusion and frustration around your Social Media activities!


…for soul-centered entrepreneurs

✔ a 1:1 Business Mentoring Program

✔ a unique approach of a combination of mindset and strategy (as they hand-in-hand)

✔ tons of free content on Instagram and YouTube

…for established brands

✔ in-depth Holistic Social Media Marketing consulting

✔ completely customized in-house workshops

✔ lectures for your next (team) event

Why choose me?

…because I’m good at what I do!

I understand that Social Media Marketing is far more than sharing photos of products or doing an occasionally “Behind the Scenes”.

I know the importance of a solid strategy and I’m great at creating them.

Having worked with very different brands and people, I know that every project needs a different approach.

I’m a chronic overachiever and will never deliver half-ass work.

I pride myself to taking great care of my clients. Simultaneously, I take care of myself so I can always deliver top-notch work!

Christina - Social Media Consultant