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Your 12-week mentoring program to help you sell your services on Instagram without feeling sleazy!

I see you...


You are still in your regular 9 to 5 job or left it recently and you are working actively on running your own business.


You’re all about living life to the fullest and you want to create the life of your dreams.


Over time, you realized that a 9 to 5 job is not for you. It just doesn’t align with your character and mentality. You know that for you to live the life of your dreams, you need to run your own business.


You have a deep desire to help other people improve their lives as well.


You have this idea, made tons of lists and plans for your business and implemented quite a few things. Yet, your work hasn’t really paid off so far and you are struggling to stay focused as you are constantly seeking out new ways to make sales because you’re currently not making many which obviously doesn’t feel great.


You feel excited about this whole business journey, but you’re also a bit tired. You are doing a lot of things without a major return-on-investment. You are ready for the next level, you just don’t know how exactly you can get there.


Although you are confident that you can make it, this little voice inside of you regularly comes creeping in telling you that you are not doing enough and might not even have what it takes. After all, you’re not at where you want to be, so something must be wrong. Right?!


You are still struggling to gain clarity on how exactly you can sell your services in a way that feels good and easy and not like you’re annoying people.


You are insecure about how to price your offer and how to really get your business going.


…and then there is Social Media. You are active on Instagram. You are doing so many things, but people aren’t jumping in on your offer. “What part of the puzzle am I missing?”, you think.


That’s why you are following all these Instagram accounts absorbing every piece of information that you get. Maybe you even bought some presets to make your stories look better or an online course on Instagram Marketing. Still, you aren’t signing as many clients as you’d want to. You don’t feel like you are currently able to live that life of freedom that you want so badly.


You wish you had someone to walk this path with you. Your friends and family think you are crazy anyway. You wish you had someone that understands you, gives you an occasional kick in the butt and someone that you can consult with regularly to truly grow your business to where you want it to be.

I see you because I was you!

I know what it is like to be in your situation.

I know the struggle of deciding what to do next.

I know the endless drafting on ideas.

I know the voice inside your head when you finally decided something and you are happy with it…

…only to change you mind about it three days later.

I know what it’s like to be hella f*cking overwhelmed and overworked.

But I learned how to get out of that (thank god! Life’s so much easier since then ?)

I took strategic action towards my goals and am now able to make 5-figures/mo. and have the freedom I always wanted.

Now, I teach badasses, just like you, how to do that, too!

Christina - Social Media Strategist - Polaroid


? being able to travel as much as you want

? not having to consult with anyone whether you can have a day off or not

? having an offer that you are so confident in that NOT talking about it feels like a disservice to you and clients coming to you all the time

? finally reaching the next level in your business and making 3k/5k or even 10k months

? being able to leave your 9 to 5 for good and doing what you are passionate about every. single. day.

All of this is possible!

Here’s what others say about working with me

Christina has been amazing! She helped me to finally create a solid foundation for my Virtual Assistant business. I was so overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start but after just two calls with her, I was able to refine my processes, clearly outline my goals and gain some much needed clarity. (…) Not only did she give me invaluable insights into utilizing social media and targeted content to reach my ideal client but she also helped me overcome some mindset blocks that were holding me back and kept me from ultimately building a business I truly love and feel aligned with. (…)


Julia Brown

Virtual Assistant

Christina completely put herself in my shoes and gave me strategy tips according to my current situation. Because of that, I was able to gain new followers, but – more importantly – improved my positioning as an expert. Thank you!


Katharina Marian

Businessbody Coach

I totally recommend Christina! Although I am a business strategist myself and “know what I’m doing here”, she helped me to find clarity and get a great overview on my Instagram marketing. Her holistic approach was just what I needed to understand what my customers really need and what I (or my Instagram account) need so that my business goals will be achieved. Thanks for clearing my vision!


Klaudia Wichmann

Marketing Agent

Although I already have quite a bit of experience, I am so grateful to have Christina by my side! Especially when it comes to more complex and strategic questions she always supports me and manages to gives me new ideas to be more successful on Instagram. She’s THE source for Instagram to me as I know no one else that can help so creatively and professionally.


Tracy Krapf

Sustainable Travel Agent

During 12-weeks of private 1:1 mentoring with me you will go from….

  • waiting for clients to come to you
  • not knowing how to get people interested in your offers
  • questioning your own abilities because you are not signing many clients
  • being dependent on your 9 to 5 income
  • being overworked by doing so many things, but not breaking through in your business
  • wasting time by consuming countless books and seminars without seeing tangible results
  • feeling inspired, but confused


  • having clients come to you and selling your services to them WITH EASE
  • knowing exactly what to post to increase interest in your offers
  • feeling confident in your work and sales strategy
  • getting closer to quitting or even quitting your 9 to 5 as you’re own business is making enough to support you financially
  • no more working for ridiculously low prices (or even for free) because you are afraid that you would have even fewer clients if you’d raise your prices
  • doing the right things to truly set the foundations for a business that you love and can live off
  • feeling unstoppable, determined and grateful (that “OMG, I can’t believe this gets to be my job”-feeling is what I am all about!) while making more money than ever in your business

Want to get awesome results, too?

What can you expect?

Weekly 1:1 calls (12×60 minutes) to answer all the questions that come up during the week. Calls can be in English or German.

Unlimited message support (mon-fri) so you are fully supported at all times – even between calls.

✔ Pre-recorded video trainings and worksheets as you need them (I have tons of resources I created over time that you’ll get access to when needed – we’ll decide that together).

✔ Two different support options to choose from (we’ll discuss what suits you better on our discovery call together).

✔ Me as your mentor who’s been running her own business full-time for around two years generating 5-figure months. I am a “no matter what” kind of person, so I’ll support you with all I’ve got.

✔ A starting date that suits your life and calendar.

Amazing bonuses (such as meditations, my script on how to turn DMs into sales conversations with ease, my personal discovery call script, etc.)

Christina celebrating success

Ready to invest in yourself and kick ass?