My Instagram Content Creation Routine

Recently I asked my Instagram community, if people want me to share my Instagram Content Creation Routine and the feedback was super positive, so today, I’m sharing my routine on how I create content for Social Media, specifically Instagram.

Before we really get started: If you’re more of a visual learner, check the video below. It contains all the info of this blog post wrapped in a 6-minute video!

For most people content creation is a fun, yet annoying task. You know what you want to say, but you don’t always get the feedback that that piece of content was what people actually wanted to read. 

Then you get frustrated because it always takes so much time to make content and then it doesn’t even go viral. What the f**. Just kidding. Well, at least a little bit.

I want to take the stress and the frustration from you when it comes to content creation for Instagram. I want to show you that it can be fun and easy!

Here’s my Instagram Content Creation Routine…

I recently started to implement a Content Creation Day. So every Monday, apart from a few other small things, I create my content for the upcoming week. 

In the past, I sometimes planned content ahead for longer periods, but it took some flexibility from me that I didn’t want to give up. 

I want to put an idea into action when I have it – or at least soon after that. I don’t want to have this great burst of inspiration and then only be able to publish it and see how it performs a month later.

So, every Monday is Content Creation Day. I don’t do meetings on Mondays, I don’t do taxes on Monday. I create content.

With my content I mostly focus on Instagram as this is my main platform, but I always make sure to share it on other platforms as well. 

You would be surprised how much traffic you can get from sources you didn’t expect to do anything for you! I was, too, when I recently checked my statistics on Later Media and YouTube.

How do I know what to write about?

I usually get my inspiration from conversations with people on my Instagram account or through offline conversations.

I also have a long list of problems my ideal client is facing. So sometimes, I also go through that list and create a piece of content explaining the solution to a problem then. Occasionally, I just dig deeper into the problem, though, as I believe that you have to truly understand a problem first before you want to solve it.

Generally, I always try to make sure to have posts with different focuses in every week.

For example, I mix educational Social Media content, with stories from my business and ‘food for thought’ kinda content.

With that I am making sure that different needs for my audience and for my business are being fulfilled.

Social by Chrissea - Instagram Feed

What about visual content?

In regards of photos, I usually do a mixture of graphics that I create through Canva (my ride or die) and normal photos I took.

A lot of my photos are actually a bit older and I repurpose them as I think they still look good and could work with a piece of content or just fit my overall feed. 

However, some photos are pretty recent or even taken on the day I create the content. That usually only happens, though, if I feel like I have an amazing content idea and don’t have a photo for it already.

Generally, I use graphics for topics where I think the headline is so intriguing that I want people to read it immediately – and for more educational content.

Graphics are a great way to catch people’s attention – and they are fairly easy to make.

I do use a lot of photos from myself as well though as that strengthens my personal brand. It is important to me that people know who I am and are not just looking at beautiful graphics all the time.

It is called Social Media after all. In the corporate world, we always speak about B2B and B2C and honestly – Social Media is P2P.

People to people.

So I always make sure people know me, the person behind the business.
It’s a great way to build trust and authority in my niche.

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Which program do I use to schedule posts?

With every post I create, I put it into the scheduling app Later immediately. I upload my photo or graphic in the media library, pick a date and time that I want to post it. Then I copy it into that position and write a caption for it.

I do that with every single post.

Meanwhile, with the Later preview function (which is super awesome), I always check what looks good in my feed. So, if for example, it would be too many graphics next to each other and not enough ‘face’, I would re-arrange.

Typically, I organize my weekly posts in a way that it is a good mix of post types and make sure my feed looks inviting.

I do not overly obsess over feed design, though.

Keeping it laid back is my motto, but make sure it looks alright. I suggest you do the same. Like I said in the beginning of this video: Let’s make content creation fun and less frustrating.

I currently see this trend of people designing their Instagram feeds like there’ a design-award to win – while they aren’t even designers. Obviously, an inviting Instagram feed is important, but it shouldn’t take you ages to create that content. It shouldn’t be your focus. Your focus should be on making money if you are a business owner.

With all of that being said: Find a routine that works for you.

Find content that works for your audience and is fun for you to make.

Be creative and try things out.

Don’t make it all too complicated!

I hope this blog post will help you to set up your own Instagram Content Creation Routine! Trust me, it does help a lot to have one as it’ll allow you to stop stressing about posting on Instagram as you’ll be much more likely to just have your content ready for every single day of the week/month/whatever-interval-you-choose.

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