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Want a business that feels easy, fully aligned, and brings in money consistently?

>> You’ve come to the right place <<

Hey you!

Do you…

✔ desire to have a business that gives you freedom and fulfillment?

✔ want to use your own story and experiences that changed your own life and share it with others?

✔ long to have fun in your business while making money instead of hustling 24/7 and always having to exchange your time with money?

✔ wish to design your business according to your personality instead of following a strategy that doesn’t feel aligned with you?

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1:1 Soul-Centered Online Business Mentoring

You are meant to have the life and business of your wildest dreams!

The only thing that stands between you and a profitable business that feels easy and fun is your lack of knowledge on how to combine mindset and strategic work for “blow-your-mind”-results.

Warning: this isn’t your average business mentoring. You will not just get to the next level of your business, but also reach the next version of YOU. (as you are the key to the business that you desire).

If you are currently running your business based on what you see others do on Instagram hoping to get similar results without a unique strategy that suits you, and your business, my 1:1 mentoring is perfect for you!

If you are currently…

➖ feeling like you have so much more to give than you are currently showing on your Instagram

➖ struggling to book consistent clients even though you feel like your offers are an absolute steal and you know that you are good at what you do

➖ wondering what’s missing in your business as you feel like you are doing all the right things, but things aren’t really happening

…your situation is not going to change by continuing what you’ve been doing thus far.

Let’s stop hoping and guessing!

YOU are the biggest asset of your business, but you can also be the biggest blockage of your business.

Let’s make sure you are being the greatest asset of your business!

Here’s what you need:

⚡ a strong AF Instagram profile that gets your ideal client hit that ‘follow’-button right away

⚡ a clear, soul-centered communication & sales strategy

“must-have”-offers instead of “nice-to-have”-offers

⚡ understanding buyer’s journeys

⚡ content that turns your followers into clients on autopilot

That mixed with…

⚡ a crystal clear vision on what you truly desire

⚡ an unshakable belief in yourself

⚡ your feminine energy being turned on (you may think yours is on, but I can almost guarantee you that there’s work to do)

⚡ and someone (aka me) to give you some gentle kicks in the butt and into the right direction

…is what’s going to give you the results you want.

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What if the life and business of your dreams isn’t as far away as you may think right now?

What if you could have a business that supports the life of your wildest dreams sooner than you think?

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✨ waking up feeling full of gratitude and sipping on your coffee (or another beverage of your choice) knowing exactly what you’re going to do today to grow your business

✨ checking your phone seeing that you’ve received new messages of dream clients asking about working with you

✨ receiving payment after payment from absolute dream clients who are happy to pay you instead of you wondering why only a few people jumped in on your latest offer which you felt so excited about

✨ reading messages from your clients who express so much gratitude for your work and how much you’re helping them

✨ not having to force anything in your business, but it all feeling like a big, juicy flow and million-dollar ideas are seemingly coming from out of nowhere all the time – and your community is excitedly waiting for your new offers

✨ realizing that all the affirmations you’ve been writing down have finally become your reality

Sounds good, right?!

Christina Kitchen

Want clients who are happy to pay you and consistent impact and income to be your reality?

Well, it’s only just the beginning.

Having all of the above allows you to…

✔ work when you want, on what you want, and with who you want

✔ travel often and without going for “the best deal”, but for the hotel/room/apartment that looks like what you’re used to seeing on your Pinterest boards

donate generously to charities that support causes you want to support every month

✔ live your best life watching your clients starting to live their best lives


Remember: your desires are placed within you for a reason & you get to have whatever you desire.

However… you’ve got to take full responsibility to get it.

The people you look up to didn’t get to where they are now by playing small, copying someone else’s strategy hoping that it would work for them as well, or by being so afraid to lose money that they didn’t spend any at all.

The people you look up to once were just as afraid of failing as you, but they took big action anyway.

If you want big results, you’ve got to take big action.


My client Linda was ready for big action…

In fact, she was already taking big action way before she started working with me.

She had created a course that she absolutely loved and felt super proud of.

She knew the impact her course could have on others and her unique approach would help people so much. 

At one point, Linda worked day and night to prepare for the launch of her course. She felt ready and excited. She couldn’t wait to start making money with something she really loves. 

Then she published her course, used all the marketing materials she had prepared – and only sold one course for a discounted price.

Linda felt defeated, tired, frustrated, and began doubting herself. After all, she had invested four-figures into learning everything she had done to create and promote her course, and the success she had expected and worked so hard for didn’t come. 

Still, Linda was and is committed AF. She wasn’t ready to give up on her dream. 

During a casual conversation with a friend who happened to be working with me, my mentoring got recommended to her. Shortly after, she sent me a message on Instagram and explained her situation. We chatted a bit back and forth and Linda ended up using the last money she had to sign up to work with me for six months. 

Now, I’m going to spare you every detail of what we did in those six months, but Linda completely transformed herself and her business in that time. She created a new offer, one that wasn’t “nice to have”, but an actual “must-have” that was what she actually wanted to offer all along (but thought she couldn’t / shouldn’t sell).

I could see how her whole energy shifted and she ended up making almost 18.000€ in just two months. At some point, she even made 5.000€ in a single day

All of that happened just a few months after she felt like she had a loooong journey ahead of her because things weren’t really happening for her despite her putting in so much work.

These days, Linda is running a successful coaching business and travels the world which had been her dream for years.

Yes, Linda is special, but so are you!

The question is: are you ready to write your own success story just like she did?

If the answer is yes…

I see you. I see you fully. My superpower is helping you work through your own bullsh*t and supporting you in setting up your individual strategy to grow your business with ease.

I am very results-driven while always making sure that you also take care of yourself because there’s no point in creating your dream business while simultaneously creating a life you hate (because you’re always working).

I combine coaching and consulting as I do believe that powerful questions can create strong results, but I also know how incredibly helpful it can be to just think with someone and get their expertise into my own projects. 

I’ve been running my own business full-time for over two years, so I’m not just someone who read a couple of blogs and Instagram posts and decided to become a business mentor, but I’ve actually been in the game for quite some time.

My clients turn into amazing success stories.

Will you be the next one?


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What you’ll get during the 4 to 6 months of us working together:

✔ bi-weekly 60 minute 1:1 in-depth mentoring calls (can be upped without additional charge if needed – this is my promise as I truly care for you to see results)

✔ unlimited chat support (mo-fri) through the entire period of us working together

✔ access to my 1:1 resource vault which includes tons of well-researched worksheets to support you in between our calls

✔ me as your teammate, cheerleader, consultant, critic, and accountability partner

Sounds good?

If you’ve read up until here and you’re still unsure whether you should send in your application or not, let me ask you a few questions to help you decide:

  • What do you feel like you need to get your business to the next level?
  • Which stories and ideas within you tell you that you shouldn’t send in your application?
  • Which stories and ideas within you tell you that you should send in your application?
  • Do you feel more empowered thinking about applying for this mentoring or deciding not to?
  • What is your gut feeling telling you to do?
  • Do you generally struggle to accept help whereas you love helping others?

Sit & reflect with these questions if you need to. 

If you find yourself thinking “Okay, screw it. I’m just gonna do it. I’m ready.” – click the button below and fill out your application.

I am so excited to get to know you and your business better!

Comfort zone vs. dream life


What does the mentoring cost?

I know that a lot of people focus a lot on the price of things. You think “…but there is no point in sending in my application if I can’t afford it.”

Here’s how I see it: if you focus on lack and not being able to afford something, you’re not going to be able to afford something. If you focus on abundance and being able to afford something, you’re going to be able to afford something. Money can and will come out of unexpected places to support you in creating the life and business you truly desire, but you’ve gotta open up to it. I’ve seen this tons and tons of times with my clients.

If everything in you screams “Hell yes”, don’t let the simple thought of the price turn it into a “no”. This may sound harsh, but I fully believe that if you aren’t ready to take a leap of faith with things like these, you aren’t really ready for that business you desire (because everything is connected and your fear will reflect in many other parts of your life and business).

What are realistic results for me during those 4 to 6 months considering where I’m at right now?

My first thoughts on this: Screw realistic and allow miracles to happen

My second thoughts: it depends on so many factors, but I can tell you that you can completely transform your business in such a period of time. 

I can’t and won’t promise any specific outcomes, but we always sit down to set goals for our time together and the standard is that we hit all of them while working together.

What happens after I sent in my application?

Once you’ve sent in your application, I will carefully review all information provided and reach out to you so we can further chat around your journey and how we can possibly continue your journey together. Most likely, we’ll hop on a zoom call to talk some more details and determine if and when we get started together.

Christina - Social Media Consultant

Ready to create the business of your wildest dreams and live your life to the absolute fullest?

Don’t treat the things you truly desire as an option. Don’t settle for ‘okay’.

Take action now.